Northeast Stokes Volunteer Fire & Rescue

Sandy Ridge N.C.



Northeast Stokes Vol. Fire and Rescue Inc. was established in 1965. We serves Sandy Ridge and the surrounding area in the northeast corner of Stokes County. We have a 5 mile fire district and a 6 mile insurance district and a ISO 9S rating. We have 3 fire apparatus, 2 rescue apparatus, 1 squad, 1 brush truck and 1 utility truck.

Our Goals

 Are to maintain the highest level of Training and the most Effective Equipment and Apparatus needed for our Community, And the surrounding Communities of Stokes County.

Our History

During the year 1964 a group of Citizens of the Sandy Ridge Community met in the auditorium of Sandy Ridge School to discuss the possibility of starting a Fire and Rescue Department. At this meeting, 8 Directors were selected to contact the organizations already established in the community to determine the help they would provide. The original Directors were: Frank Spencer, John A. Dodson, James Mays, Bethel Smith, Roy Steele, Cleo Lemons,Oscar Wood and Warford Spencer. 

After much work with the various community organizations, It was decided to construct a Building which would be a Community Building upstairs and  with the Fire and Rescue Department downstairs. The organization was chartered as a Corporation on March 23 1965. 

The name Northeast Stokes Vol. Fire Department was chosen for this Corporation Due to the fact that the name  Sandy Ridge Vol. Fire Department was already being used by another Department in NC. 

On December 21 1988 The original charter was Amended to change the name of the Corporation to: Northeast Stokes Vol. Fire and Rescue Squad Inc.

In 2004 we built a new building and moved across from our original location. Our new building gave us the room we may need to expand in years to come.

New Building